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  Join next batch Nebosh HSW & IOSH,(MS&WS) Is Going to Start on 20-02-2019, and Last Enrollment Date - 12-03-2019 & SAFETY DIPLOMA COURSE IS GOING TO START ON 19th February, 2019 .............................. Fully AC class Room......................... Fully AC class Room ............................... Fully AC class Room.....................Fully AC class Room


My honorable father


use to say until and unless the general mass of India is educated with the technical knowledge. The talk of developed India dream will remain unfulfilled. The country's development is directly proportional to the technology introduced or invented & that will come through only by its devoted people. The world is on the way of phenomenal metamorphosis in all the technological aspect. India tow as a nation feeling the same, but despite of producing one of the largest technical manpower in the world, all the persons are not able to get the job due to lack of practical Knowledge . So these people need a job oriented course.

NEW UNISON ITI has taken of up the challenger for the development of the skilled workforce in an era of rapid economic and technological charges by imparting the intensive training in various branches of technical courses. UNISON ITI has designed various job oriented short term courses keeping in mind the qualification and ability of students. So that they can consume the opportunity in the industrializing global market.


The ”NEW UNISON INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE “ provide and upgrade education, training and research in fields of technical education, and to create entrepreneurship and a conducive environment for pursuit of the technical education in close co-operation with industries. Further, as a very distinguishing feature of its vision, the institute NEW UNISON I T I to make provisions for the advancement of technical education amongst classes and communities which are educationally backward.

To fulfill the above broad vision, the institute develops flexible and innovative academic programmes and procedures that cater to a very broad range of students with different background, and prepares them to compete at the national and international levels.

In addition to transmission of knowledge through a very well thought teaching pedagogy, the University lays a strong emphasis on knowledge creation through a well planned research programme in emerging areas, and application of knowledge by undertaking issues and problems from the industry.

Apart from academics, the institute lays a very strong emphasis on the overall development of a well rounded personality of its students with both professional and emotional maturity to take up the challenges in their chosen profession, and to contribute to the development of society.

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