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New Unison Technical Institute

1. To promote function literacy among villagers, farmers, wage-earners and other person irrespective of gender through mass literacy campaign and vocational education To conduct various type of capacity and skill orientation training programme for girls and women like sewing, knitting, dairy farming, poultry farming, leaf plate making, for their economical position development.

2. To promote, organize, help, assist, undertake, research and consultancy in Health & Medical activities like mother and child reproductive health care.

3. To promote the activities, training, research and consultancy services of natural resources management with special input of scientific technique of agriculture of land and water management, soil conservation, water harvesting, waste land development farming and agro forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry and to eradicate poverty of poor and villagers.

4. To promote, organize, help, assist, undertake, research and consultancy services for micro finance promotion among male and females in rural as well as urban areas to organize people and for their socioeconomic development.

5. To organize resources for the development and creation of opportunities for various voluntary employment and livelihood among the poorest of the communities residing in rural as well as urban slums areas or in cities in the State of Jharkhand or any other part or parts of India where services are called for or required.

6. To provide educational aid and in the form of equipment and scholarship to the poor, deserving students without considering gender.

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