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My honorable father
use to say until and unless the general mass of India is educated with the technical knowledge. The talk of developed India dream will remain unfulfilled. The country's development is directly proportional to the technology introduced or invented & that will come through only by its devoted people. The world is on the way of phenomenal metamorphosis in all the technological aspect. India tow as a nation feeling the same, but despite of producing one of the largest technical manpower in the world, all the persons are not able to get the job due to lack of practical Knowledge . So these people need a job oriented course.

New Unison Technical Institute has taken of up the challenger for the development of the skilled workforce in an era of rapid economic and technological charges by imparting the intensive training in various branches of technical courses.New Unison Technical Institute Technical Instittute has designed various job oriented short term courses keeping in mind the qualification and ability of students. So that they can consume the opportunity in the industrializing global market.